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• Sound Healing Meditation | Mondays & Tuesdays 7.30-9pm Geraldine Ahern 087 164 5996

• Yoga | Tuesdays 10am (Beginners) & Tuesdays 6:30pm: Louise McEvoy 086 731 6499

• Aerial Yoga Thursdays 6:30pm & Fridays 10am (Beginners)

• Relax Kids | Thursdays & Fridays: Sarah Cunningham 087 344 6409

• Pilates & Yoga Fridays 7-8pm & 8-9pm Tony Digby 087 985 8379

• Moon Circles | Monthly: Geraldine Ahern 087 164 5996

Aloha House Killorglin

Aloha House Killorglin



Geraldine Ahern

My Name is Geraldine Ahern and I an energy worker here in Killorglin. I’ve always had a keen interest and fascination in Crystals and the Fairy Kingdom from a very young age. My journey with energy healing began in 2005 when I attended a Reiki Master for issues with fertility. When I became pregnant with my son a year later, I began to educate myself more in other holistic therapies and trained in Reiki many years later.

My own journey through depression, fibromyalgia and endometriosis led me to becoming a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist and healing these issues I had in my life. I now offer Reiki treatments as well as teach Reiki and Crystal Courses here in Killorglin. I’ve always had a huge respect for the Goddess and Divine Feminine energies and love connecting with others who share a love for her. So through my work with both Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine, I also facilitate a Womens Moon Circle once a month here at Aloha House which holds the perfect space for us to work from. Once a month we gather in Sacred Circle to honour our femininity and to support one and another in a confidential and sacred space. I also facilitate a weekly Sacred Sound Bath working through the Chakras every week here. Im also a Rebirther and offer rebirthing sessions to those who may be struggling with deep trauma and wounds of seperation and abandonment as well as trauma: birth, sexual, physical & emotional. Wishing you love and blessings on your own journey.



We have had many visitors join us at Aloha House. Please feel free to read, in their words, why you should join us for a stay.

Aloha House Killorglin
Nadine Langhard
I couldn't recommend Aloha house highly enough! The location, the loving vibe, the little touches and details but most of all the sweet owners make it such a very special place. Whether you're planning to stay at the B&B for a few nights, come for a treatment/a class or learn Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, you'll have a wonderful time. As for the courses/retreats, Louise is an incredible teacher who is so generous and passionate about sharing her gift and her skills with anyone who is willing and open to learn.
Aloha House Killorglin
Katrin Dutschke
I came with my Cousin on our Roadtrip through Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way, to this most incredible place we've ever seen. It’s such a beautiful peaceful place. Absolutely relaxing. Like the owner said when we came:" make you feel at home" We feel so relaxed and, feel like at home. Everything is so clean, there is even a little tea corner in our room. The colors, the furniture, everything spreads happiness and peace and we could see that there is a lot of love in every detail. We even forgot to lock the door of our room because it felt like home. It is absolutely a hidden treasure. If I will ever come back to Ireland, I would love to come back to Aloha House as well. Thanks for being a part of our Roadtrip through this incredible country. Namaste.
Aloha House Killorglin
Nitya Sri
I had the most amazing Hawaiian massage in my life. Two hours totally dedicated to healing your body with the energy of pure love and devotion. You happily surrender to all sensations - gentle heat coming from the stones, sounds of invocatory Hawaiin chants sung live, gliding movements of the arms touching you so intimately like your mother when you were a child or your lover who wants to express all his love without words. Such beautiful experience of total trust and surrender accompanied by the sounds of divine music (the session ended with Omkara's Remember Who You Are). I'm ready to fly from Portugal for this...
Aloha House Killorglin
Patrick Kallerfors
This is an amazing place.... whether you come for one of the classes offered, taking part of a Lomi Lomi retreat, coming for a treatment or looking for a really friendly airb&b with a magnificent view by the Riverside of the small town of Killorglin.
Aloha House Killorglin
Marzena Mrozkiewicz
I've stayed in this amazing B&B a couple of times. Besides the stunning views, less than 2 mins walk to killorglin town centre, cozy beds, beautiful arty decor, the hosts Louise, Bryan and their two boys are the most welcoming family you could possibly have. The vibe of the whole place is beyond any expectations. Staying at the Aloha House is some experience.
We are on the edge of Killorglin with great restaurants & amenities.Get in touch