We want to create a vibrant, comfortable place

to hold space for holistic events & community.

Retreat on the Ring of Kerry

About Aloha House

Home of Lomi Lomi Massage Ireland

‘Aloha House, nestled in the heart of the Reeks District is a tranquil, vibrant and comfortable holistic retreat centre and guest house. Overlooking the beautiful River Laune and world-famous MacGillycuddy Reeks mountain range, it is the perfect place to hold space for healing & community or to host any residential retreats and non-residential courses, workshops and classes.

The History

The Aloha House Story

Aloha House was founded in 2015 and is run by Brian and Louise McEvoy who met in South Africa in 2007. After falling in love, they made the decision to put down their roots as a family in Ireland (Brian’s native country). As the family grew, so did their dreams and Aloha House was born when Brian and Louise stumbled across a riverside B&B in Killorglin. They saw the potential for something much bigger and Aloha House was then gradually developed in phases. Firstly, as the family home, and then a tranquil space for the holistic community, healing, events and retreats. Regardless of the obstacles, Brian and Louise kept focusing on their dreams, so they could make Aloha House what it is today.

Aloha has many meanings and expresses the Hawaiian
philosophy around the joy of sharing life energy in the present moment.

Aloha House Vision

 To create a vibrant, comfortable place to hold space for holistic events & community.

We hope to be a lighthouse in our community that can create a like minded network of individuals who support & collaborate with each other to offer a pathway towards collective holistic wellbeing.
We also want to support other light workers by providing our beautiful space, so they can share their own gifts & talents with our community.

Offering our own Hawaiian Healing & Yoga retreats is also something very close to our hearts as we have experienced the power of these in our own lives and our vision is to also share these positive experiences with others!.

Our Values


We live our lives with enthusiasm, creativity & a desire to grow and learn. We share a passion for making a difference.


Our choices are based on honesty & respect for ourselves & others.


Our passion drives our creative expression in all that we do. We embrace change, growth & innovative ideas.


Open-hearted communication & sensitivity towards others & the environment are our foundations.

The Team Behind Aloha House