One day a couple contacted me for Lomi Lomi Massage treatments, as they had been experiencing challenges with conceiving. The woman had been on my Lomi trainings and knew that the body is the home of the subconscious, and to “free up” blockages in the physical body, with loving intention, and a clear channel, is essential for healing. It’s not the Everything in healing, it is an essential piece of the puzzle.

I didn’t claim to fix or create anything. I certainly could do my work, call on all our guides, pray, and then let go. It’s so hard and so important to let go our expectations of what we desire in this Life. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want. We have free will, but this doesn’t mean we get everything we want. We have to learn to navigate the winds and storms of Life. This is what the Polynesians call “Wayfinding”.  The adventures of the soul. We didn’t come here to pretend to have a perfect life. It is an illusion.

From one of my favourite poems: “I am the Master of My Fate. I am the Captain of My Soul.”         Yes, you surely are. Both are sourced from kuleana, responsibility, how you respond to what is presented to you. That is your Superpower…the ability and choice to respond.

I also believe that we need help to respond. There are people put on our paths to add a little bit of guidance to the Flow. Sometimes we are paralysed by pain or grief or fear…our responses aren’t coming from our true selves, they are distorted, they are functioning from a Survival reaction. We have all, all, all, suffered trauma in our lives. This changes us, our chemistry, our instinctual response to situations. You need to reach out, and usually there will be someone there who just comes along at the right time to mend the sails, for the voyage that is yours alone.

Back to the couple…I don’t know what I did that day they came for back-to-back treatments. They both had the same intention…to release anything holding them back from conceiving. There had been a miscarriage previously, which I felt had not been properly grieved, in order to make space for the new. We spoke about this a bit, and then worked with the body’s wisdom to Allow, Surrender, and Consent to a higher power coming through in to every cell, tissue, function and bone.

When we finish a Lomi session, we conclude with Pule (prayer) and say Mahalo, Aloha and Pau! Thank you, with aloha, it is done! We ourselves release any expectation of “healing” or result. It is really not up to us as practitioners or space-holders…we are vessels…yes we add everything we know how to do…but essentially, everything that happens is not our doing at all. It is GOD. As in everything.

So, my story ends with a happy beginning. The couple conceived that night!!! It could have had a different result, and that would be Divine too. But in this case, something aligned and PAU!

Mahalo ke Akua for your constant presence, guidance, inspiration and above all…mystery…x