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This 4 day training retreat (Level 4 Advanced Practitioner) is for Lomi Lomi practitioners who are ready to deepen their spiritual connection to themselves & their ancestors through the bones!

* Sweat Lodge or Rebirthing Breathwork
* Skeletal Massage/ Bone Washing/ Ho’ono ho’iwi
* Kahi Loa (Shamanic Bodywork)
* Floor work & Joint Rotations
*Fasting for Sweat Lodge purification

Due to the nature of this deep work, places are limited. This training retreat is held only once a year.

By creating more space within YOU as a therapist, you will be able to hold more space for your clients, and allow more mana to flow through you and into your work with Lomi Lomi…

When we connect with the bones, a new depth of connection and lineage is revealed. In old Hawaiian belief, ancestral cache memory is held in the periosteum, the skin of the bones. When we clear the pathway through touch and intention, we release blockages and make way for more vitality & nourishment of our bodies and beings. This is called bone-washing, a cleansing and clearing of our systems.

Kahi Loa is a shamanic bodywork or Dry Lomi Lomi. It is a fully-clothed treatment with gentle touch of the skin, as the therapist tunes in to the energetic potency of each of The Elements – Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Plants, Animals & Human Beings. Each element has a specific energy & effect. We can learn how to harness the energy of each and use this mana for the highest good.



August 4, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
August 8, 2021 @ 3:00 pm
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