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Lomi Lomi training retreats

Anyone who wants to learn, practice professionally, use for family use or for personal development can train in Lomi Lomi Massage with Lomi Lomi Ireland.

Lomi Lomi ultimately treats those who are experiencing stress, tension or pain. It uses the forearms and hands in long flowing strokes all around the body to give a deep and energetic massage that can free the body from blockages or pain. Post treatment benefits include psychological & emotional wellbeing, deep relaxed state and a sense of wholeness & wellbeing. This massage also uses our Ha (breath) & Pule (prayer) to create a sacred & spiritual element to the treatment.

The teacher of Lomi Lomi Ireland is Louise McEvoy. After years of teaching in South Africa, she moved to Ireland in 2008 where she founded “Lomi Lomi Ireland – School of Hawaiian Healing Arts”. Read more about Louise Here.

Our Training Courses

We offer 4 levels of training in a particular style of Lomi Lomi known as Lomi Lomi Nui or Temple-Style, in the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai.  All our trainings are residential retreats, which means that you will sleep, eat & stay at Aloha House, Ohana-style! Accommodation is sharing & meals are vegetarian.

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Lomi Lomi : The full practitioner

(Level 1, 2 & 3)

An 8-day retreat and certified by Lomi Lomi Ireland. This training runs from a Saturday evening until the following Sunday afternoon, with a day’s break on the Wednesday to rest, study or explore the area.

INVESTMENT: From €1050 including accommodation & meals.

You can also choose to do the BASICS training only (3 days) and the PRACTITIONER training (4 days) can be done at a later stage:

Lomi Lomi : Advanced

(Level 4)

A 4-day retreat for the Advanced Lomi Lomi Practitioner. We focus on YOU as the practitioner, so that you are able to hold more space & mana for healing to unfold in your treatments. We start with a traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony to purify us. We learn bone-washing & skeletal techniques, Kahi Loa & a floor treatment.

INVESTMENT: €850 including accommodation & meals

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Lomi Lomi : Practitioner

(Level 3)

A 4-day retreat training beginning on a Wednesday evening and continues until a Sunday afternoon. We learn underbody techniques, hot stones, side-lying techniques, working with Energy and more wisdom from Hawaiian Healing.

INVESTMENT: €750 including accommodation & meals.

Lomi Lomi : Basics

(Level 1 & 2)

A 3-day retreat training which begins on a Saturday evening and continues until a Tuesday afternoon. We learn the full body basic Lomi Lomi techniques and an introduction to Hawaiian Healing.

INVESTMENT: €550 including accommodation & meals. €350 non-residential (no meals or accommodation)

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Lomi Lomi training information

  • Items to bring: 1 small hand towel, 4 sarongs or single flat sheets, 500 mls massage oil (eg. Coconut/sweet almond/grapeseed etc), walking shoes & rain jacket, comfortable clothes to massage in, personal toiletries, notebook, pen & water bottle
  • Ideal for: Anybody who wants to learn, practice professionally, use for family use or for personal development.
  • Insurance required for practicing in Ireland: You will need a Diploma in Massage (ITEC or equivalent) in order to add Lomi Lomi as one of your therapies. You can do the training whether or not you are a massage therapist, however for insurance you will need a professional qualification including Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Starting at Level 1: if you’ve had a previous teacher, we still advise to start at Level 1 as all teachers are different and bring their own individual experiences which influence the training.
  • Retreat style training: the nature of healing work lends itself to participants learning retreat-style. This way, we can spend more time together, focus completely on the work without having to go home and cook the dinner etc. The hours of training are often early mornings & late nights, so staying at the venue makes it more practical. It’s also an opportunity to make human connections & establish Ohana.


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Lomi Lomi Advanced Practitioner Training Retreat

August 19, 2020-August 23, 2020


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