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Lomi Lomi Training

INtroductory to advanced practitioner

Discover Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian word for “massage”, though it’s deeper meaning & application has many layers. Traditionally, this healing art was practiced within families, each with their own unique style, and passed on by the elder to a chosen family member to continue the lineage.

Lomi Lomi is rooted in ancient Polynesian knowledge & a unique way of thinking & seeing the world. In order to understand what Lomi Lomi is, the deeper applications of this work, we need to explore Hawaiian consciousness, to get to the roots & foundation of what it is, where it comes from, and what is asked of us in order to be able to practice this work. This is especially important if we are non-Hawaiians.

To have respect for this sacred work, we must have a connection with the people, the source, the land, the stories, the language, the chants, the prayers, the protocols, the way of thinking, the proverbs, the dance, the myths & legends.


As a teacher of Lomi Lomi, it is important to name & honour each of my teachers, to uphold the lineage and preserve the knowledge that was passed on to me. My original lineage source is Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, whose style of lomi lomi was also called kahuna massage. My first teacher was Anthea Hardwick, since 2000. I completed my Teacher Training with Susan Floyd, who was a student of Abraham Kawai’i in 2004. To experience a different lineage, I studied with Jeana Naluai in 2014, whose main lineage is Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe. I will always continue to deepen my knowledge through study & experience.

Today, the Lomi Lomi trainings that I offer are consistent with my original lineage of Abraham Kawai’i, with additional spiritual teachings from other lineages that I feel are in alignment.

For more about me, as a person & as a teacher, visit my Bio.

It is an absolute honour & privilege to be able to sit in the lei of aloha with you, and be part of your journey – Louise Kleu McEvoy

our workshops

Level 1

Fri 17th Feb 6pm to Sun 19th of FEB 5pm 2023

A non-residential training over a weekend, beginning on Friday evening & finishing on Sunday afternoon. Here we learn the basic foundational concepts, back of the body strokes, Hawaiian history & what Lomi Lomi is all about.

Level 2
Basic Full Body

FRIDAY 10TH March 6PM TO 12TH MARCH 5PM 2023

A non-residential training over a weekend, beginning on Friday evening & finishing on Sunday afternoon. Here we focus on the front of the body to complete the basic full body treatment. We go deeper in to holding space for the emotional body, setting intention & embracing the power of the Aloha Spirit

Level 3


A 4 day residential retreat which will certify you as Lomi Lomi Practitioner. This is a deep dive into Hawaiian Spirituality & Healing. We embrace the cultural practices of Oli (chant), Hula & communion with the natural elements. Bodywork techniques include Underbody strokes, embodying Earth Water Fire & Air in your massage delivery & use of hot stones (‘ili ‘ili). Intuitive Body Reading & Deep Consultation leads to a new level of connection & relationship with client & self.

Level 4
Advanced Practitioner

Date to TBC

A 4 day residential retreat for Lomi Lomi Practitioners who are ready to deepen their spiritual connection to themselves & their ancestors through the BONES & INNER TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK (HANA). This is about purification & healing of Self, to allow more space for Mana to flow through your being, free of restriction.

we also offer

holistic treatments

Holistic treatments at Aloha House are provided predominantly by Louise Kleu McEvoy.

However, other holistic practitioners also use the space to provide their own treatment portfolio which includes Reflexology, Reiki & Holistic Massage.

Louise’s treatment portfolio focuses on:

Lomi Lomi Massage | Pregnancy Massage | Kua Lua Backwalking

| Kambal Yoga One-to-One Meditation.

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