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Body Wisdom

“The Body Keeps The Score”

Lomi Lomi teaches about our full connection – body mind emotions energy higher self Spirit.

I’ll tell you a personal story brought this home to me…in my previous relationship, my Ex went on an overseas “business trip” for a few weeks. While he was away, I woke up one morning with a strange red itchy rash around both my eyes. I went to the doctor, homeopath and dermatologist. Tried creams, anti-histamines and even antibiotics.

Nobody could help me.

I developed stomach cramps, unable to “digest” things. I (conscious mind) didn’t know that my love had found another love…but MY BODY KNEW…my body wisdom was still connected to him, even though he was thousands of miles away and everything seemed fine. Later, when I found out the truth of what I couldn’t “SEE”, the rash literally disappeared overnight (after a lot of tears). Our bodies ARE an aspect of our selves, they are home to our subconscious, no matter if we try separate ourselves in to mind-body-spirit…we are not separate, our aspects of ourselves are intertwined in miraculous ways we hardly can understand with our rational minds.

In Lomi Lomi, we learn how to respect and listen to all aspects of ourselves, and others. When we meet The Body, we meet all layers, memories, traumas, DNA, the soul, right down to the bones…

This is prayer work. Pule. It is sacred and requires sensitivity and heart. It is not for the faint hearted. It requires commitment and dedication and the constant thirst for “turning over your bowl of light” to let the stones fall out…Practitioners work on themselves most of all…constantly…more space is cleared, so more space is held for others…

And Spirit does the rest!

Aloha, Louise