The Secret Language of Lomi Lomi – by Louise Kleu McEvoy

I was born to do this work. Or perhaps the truth is, I was born for a variety of Potentials…FREE to CHOOSE?

Yet, my Life’s experiences primed me to seek this particular Healing path, and I kept following the breadcrumbs, called by a quest for unconditional love.  I knew it was right for me, deep down in my bones. I saw it in the eyes, felt it in the touch, in relationship with clients & students. Those moments of pure connection to Spirit, is what keeps me inspired by lomi lomi, the Teachings that support it, & the MANA that generates it. Lomi Lomi Bodywork is embedded in a vast system of knowledge.

Freedom requires that we are light & not carrying the weight of our burdents & entanglements. In the Hawaiian tradition, we call these Pōhaku /stones. We pick these up on life’s journey when we experience hurt, distorted relationships, fear & the like. We can work with ho’oponopono & lomi lomi to remove the chords of entanglement, tip over the bowl to let the stones fall out, and what’s left is our shining bowl of light, that is YOU. You are free. Of course, this is a lifelong commitment & depends on Right Relationships – Spirit, Mind & Body – in that order.

It is not an easy path or commitment because there is hard work along the way, commitment. Choosing the line of Truth takes so much courage, and I haven’t always had it in me. That’s when our ancestors, Spirit, put the right Teachers in our paths. We can dodge them, ignore the calling, but every now & then we take that step towards FREEDOM…and so it begins…

I met lomi lomi in the year 2000 in South Africa, at 24 carrying a life time of trauma, big & small. The concept of “Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi” – Unconditional Love for Self & Everything in the Universe – had me face the truth that I didn’t truly love my self, not even close. My 23 years of practice & teaching has brought me closer to unconditional love…it’s been made up of 10’s of thousands of connections with clients where we’ve felt the power of unconditional love, the sitting in circle with hundreds of students over the years where we’ve felt like ‘ohana/ family, its made up of each moment where I remember to practice these wise teachings in my every day life.

The one right question Kumu Julia Nalani asked me recently in my ho’oponopono healing session..DO YOU LOVE YOUR SELF…UNCONDITIONALLY? No “Yes, but’s!”

The applications of the teachings of this lineage can help you work through these pohaku that you carry, that we all carry, so that you can be FREE from the conditions that prevent you from truly loving unconditionally. To know who you truly are.

Lomi Lomi is the bodywork aspect of coming in to alignment with the divine aloha spirit. It is meeting your Self in truth, every cell & fluid, right down to your ancestral bones. Our ancestors guide the journey from superficial massage to deep connection, whilst the therapist holds space by connecting with breath & spirit in a dynamic flow of mana & compassion (aloha).

What I have learned on this journey. Is that I am worthy of joy & love. So are you. And it’s never too late. You are never too far gone. You can change your life, with support. You are not alone, we are all ‘ohana. We, and all living things, are all born from Pō (The Source) so your family are the trees, stars, stones, winds, foods & flowers that nourish you.

Me ke aloha, Louise