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Wellness Retreats

Aloha House has the facilities for holistic practitioners to host a variety of residential or non-residential workshops and retreats. As well as providing space to others for this purpose, we also host our own retreats and workshops, with a particular focus on yoga, rest and rejuvenation or residential Lomi Lomi Training Retreats.

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If you are looking for an upcoming retreat or workshop, click below.

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Our Weekend Wellness Retreats

Our Weekend Wellness Retreats are hosted once a month, over a weekend and intend to provide our participants with an opportunity to indulge in some self-care, rest, and rejuvenation.

During these retreats, we aim to provide a balanced range of classes that can be experienced by our local yoga teachers & sound healing practitioners. Our retreat packages also include meals and accommodation. With a lovely location, great food, a well-balanced program, wonderful like-minded people we also promise a memorable weekend for any yoga enthusiast or beginner.

Typically, the retreat begins on a Friday evening at 6pm with a Welcome introduction, followed by a beautiful vegetarian dinner. Before retiring to your comfortable accommodation for a good night’s rest, a relaxing and healing sound meditation takes place.

Saturday is filled with 2 Yoga classes with different teachers before lunch. The afternoon is free time, with the option of a self-guided walk in our beautiful surroundings of the Reeks District OR a massage treatment with highly skilled therapists.  Enquire about our local activity providers such as kayaking, hiking, Stand Up Paddleboarding or sacred sites tours. We are members of The Reeks District tourism hub, so visit their site for fantastic offerings. 

*Additional cost for activities or treatments. Advanced booking required*

The evening holds another delicious dinner prepared by Brian, followed by a Kambal® Meditation before bedtime, which is designed to prepare you for a blissful night’s rest.

Sunday is a sacred day. We have time for a little sleep-in and start the day at 10am with breakfast, followed by either Aerial Yoga or Hatha Yoga (depending on the group), followed by a hearty lunch, then a closing circle before our farewells. 

Our weekend retreats create space & balance for you to unwind, practice yoga, immerse in a sound healing journey, free time to explore or relax, and just “be”.

Nourish yourself on all levels…the vegetarian food is lovingly prepared by Brian, and will certainly make you feel good from the inside out.

Our feature offering is a variety of classes & local teachers, to give you a range of experiences, and also connect in with our wonderful community in Killorglin.

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What the retreat includes:

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  • 3  yoga classes or 2 yoga plus 1 Pilates
  • 2 Meditation Healing sessions
  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner.

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  • 2 nights’ accommodation sharing (single rooms extra cost)
  • Herbal teas, tea & coffee
  • Transfers to train/bus station or airport is available.
  • Treatments & Activities available at extra cost & prior booking. €70 per hour for Massage (Lomi Lomi or Thai) Reflexology or Energy Healing.

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Photos From Our Workshops & Retreats

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All vegetarian meals & snacks are included. We do our best to ensure the best organic, locally sourced food possible, made with love to help nourish the soul. We can cater for any dietary requirements you may have.

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Our accommodation is comfortable and colourful. Participants usually share a room & we have a limited number of single rooms. The views are overlooking our gardens, the River Laune & the majestic McGillycuddy Reeks! The Reeks District is generous in its beauty!

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We are also a short stroll into Killorglin town centre, where you can explore during your leisure time, or simply relax in our lounges with a book from our library. The Reeks District offers a variety of adventure activities for those with more energy!

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 €360 pps in a Twin room / €420 Single occupancy / €600 Couple

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Get In Touch About Our Yoga Retreat

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