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Yoga Classes & Retreats

yoga at aloha house

Yoga Classes & Retreats

Join us at Aloha House for some fantastic Yoga Classes & Retreats

We offer both Group & Private Classes across for a wide range of needs – meditative, relaxation, anxiety, depression, trauma as well as stability & balance.

Our Yoga portfolio focuses on:

Private Hatha Yoga | Private Aerial Yoga | Private Fusion (Hatha & Aerial mix)

Kambal Yoga® | Aerial Yoga | Aerial Yoga & Meditation Retreats

we also offer

lomi lomi training

Discover our training courses in Lomi Lomi – Lomi Lomi training with Lomi Lomi Ireland offers the opportunity for you to learn bodywork that is rooted in the ancient Hawaiian culture.

The foundation for the Bodywork, is the spiritual knowledge & consciousness, which we will spend time exploring. This is an ongoing journey that you will need to embark on, that goes beyond this initial foundational training. I will be there to point you in the right direction for further study.

Our training includes learning some Oli (Hawaiian chants) and Pule (Hawaiian prayers) to develop our spiritual connection. We learn about coming into alignment with ourselves & this sacred practice, by following a protocol of respect & ceremony.

The bodywork is the vehicle for the delivery of mana & aloha. To access this powerful healing energy, we may need to identify & let go of some of our own pohaku (stones) in our bowl of light, so that we can deliver the full potential of this healing work.

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