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Aloha House has professional yoga studio facilities and offers 3 forms of Yoga on a weekly basis – Hatha, Aerial and Kambal. Sometimes we combine Hatha and Aerial Yoga, so the class will be half Hatha, half aerial. Our Namasté studio has been professionally-rigged to the highest safety standards for Aerial Yoga & has space for 10 students.

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Hatha Yoga

A general form of mat-based yoga consisting of a series of classical yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breathwork). This is a mixed-level class suitable for beginners to intermediate students.

Class is designed to balance flexibility and strength, while practicing mindfulness of movement & breath.

Aerial Yoga

A fusion of classical yoga asanas & aerial movements, using a silk hammock that is suspended from the ceiling. Using the hammock, this form of yoga is unique & challenging for the body, as well as fun & experimental and utilises a variety of movements and positions.

Aerial Inversions are particularly unique & offers the spine an opportunity to “decompress” and the organs to detoxify. Aerial Yoga doesn’t just work on the physical body but also our emotional side. You may face fears or feel exhilarated as a result of being off the ground or upside down. Its playful and light approach also helps us taps in tour “inner child” and it has also suggested to have anti-ageing properties! If you are an athlete or have a good fitness level, you may find this class is surprisingly challenging as different muscles are used & gravity has a part to play.

Kambal Yoga®

Kambal YogaKambal Yoga® is a combination of meditation, Yoga Nidra, restorative yoga & energy work and is ideal for stress reduction, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma and overall reconnection with ourselves in order to find a more fulfilling life. This unique practice utilizes 7 kg blankets, along with other props (such as bolsters, sandbags & eye pillows) to passively hold poses without stress to the body.

Deep pressure touch with the blankets can help reduce anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Kambal combines body scanning, yoga nidra (a guided meditation done while lying down), restorative poses, energy work, massage & inspirational readings. This is a nurturing, safe, non-verbal environment for people to slow down, listen to themselves, and work through emotions in a non-invasive, gentle way.

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